1984 Toyota Van for SALE

Location: La Mirada, CA

Contact: James Parsons (714) 488-0436

Asking Price: $2500 $400

See my eBay listing ... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/LE-/140919817796

Feb 20, 2013 UPDATED CONDITION:  SELLING AS IS ... the engine needs rebuild.  Runs rough; Has a blown head gasget.

This VAN is a classic!  For it's age it is in great shape.  It has 255,000 miles, but mechanically it has no problems.  The maintenance has been kept up.  The body has been fixed of all minor dents and it has been repainted a few years ago.  There have been no major accidents and no structural problems.  The engine has been rebuilt about 8 years ago.

1984 - TOYOTA VAN LE (aka "MASTER ACE") - 2.0 L, 4-Cyl - Passenger Van - 5 Speed Manual Transmission

See Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_MasterAce

Look over the photos and call me if you have any questions.  (Click on the photo to see a larger picture).

Front view.




Side View



Rear View



Rear View - Close-up (note: cosmetic handle cover is missing)



Interior - Rear... both bench seats are in good shape considering the age.  Includes all seat belts (with the exception of the middle back seat)



Interior - Front (note: driver's seat is torn, original OEM  radio has been replaced, leaving an open space)



Interior - Front View (note: dash has some cracking and air vent controls are broken ... also the Van is equiped with dual front and read A/C but it does not blow cold air ... needs freon recharged)



Interior - This is the engine compartment cover.  Both the engine and fule tank sits underneath the front seats.  There are access panels underneath the carpet.  The front seat lifts up to reveal the engine compartment. (note: the carpet is badly worn)


Interior - Front


Interior - Front



interior - Instrument Panel (note: miles 253,000)  UPDATE: 265,000 miles on 2/23/2013



Interior - Front



Interior - Front (note door panels are showing wear with cracks and chipping)



UPDATE: Engine Compartment - The engine was rebuilt about 10 years ago and was in excellent running condition, until a few weeks ago.  It has a blown head gasget, but is still running, but a little rough.  (note: the strap that holds front seat open is broken.  That's why I'm using the Club to hold it up.)

ADDITONAL COMMENTS & UPDATES: not pictured is a small dent on the top (about 2 inches in length with some minor rusting), no other noticeable  rust damage anywhere ... there is also a loose rail on the sliding door (needs a spot weld), but it does not keep it from opening and closing ... the passenger door lock has been tampered with, it funtions as it should except the key cannot be used to lock/unlock it.